The Tips for Barhopping in Guam


Guam is not only famous for its beaches, unique culture, and history, it is also home to a world-famous enjoyment scene. Guam’s nightlife and Bars offer something for everyone. If you ever find yourself in Guam, you owe it to yourself to at least look at what the Island’s popular nightlife spots have to offer.

Here are some traveler-approved tips that will take your Barhopping experience in Guam to the next level.

Popular hotels in Tumon

If you are traveling alone and nightlife is the main reason for your stay in Guam, it may be better to book a hotel in Tumon. Although there are Bars and Clubs throughout Guam, Tumon has most of them. They’re also usually within walking distance, so it’s easy to hop between Bars without having to call an expensive taxi or ride-sharing service. The lack of public transport in Guam also means that you prefer to be in Tumon, where there are a lot of Bars and other enjoyment venues nearby.

Expect to pay a little more than on the mainland

Drinks can be expensive, at least compared to the American continent or very popular destinations like Cancun in Mexico, Ibiza in Spain, or Koh Phangan in Thailand. All this is connected with the fact that Guam is an isolated island in the Western Pacific, literally an ocean away from the rest of the United States. Almost everything has to be delivered, which increases the cost of goods and services — their drinks included. Since Guam has only a small population, deliveries are also relatively scarce, which further increases the prices of everything on the Island. But don’t get upset. The Service on Guam is generally better than on the mainland.

Expect a relaxing but exciting nightlife

Despite the cost of drinks and enjoyment, Guam’s nightlife easily compares with that of a large American city. It is also more cosmopolitan than any nightlife outside the major cities on the East and West coasts of the United States. Nightlife in Guam is less hectic than in most major American cities, but it is no fewer fun thanks to the great people. Local and long-time residents of Guam tend to be warm and relaxed, which means they will leave the island with countless fun memories. That is if you ever overcome the urge to stay here forever.

There are nightlife spots for families

If you want to go Barhopping, but bring family, there are still a lot of things to do that don’t require visiting one of Guam’s popular dives. Guam is not particularly known for a family enjoyment experience, but nevertheless offers many opportunities for family fun. The holiday season is a particularly interesting time to visit Guam, and you will find many family exhibitions and night markets around Tumon and other villages. Be sure to check out the Chamorro village market on Wednesday night before heading out.

Bars usually close at 2 a.m.

Guam’s bars close at 2 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on weekends, which may be too early if you’re used to the 24-hour, 24-hour Barhopping experience found in many major mainland cities. Fortunately, most of the bars are open around noon, so there is plenty of time to have fun.

There is a large selection of Bars

There are, of course, many mature-oriented bars and nightclubs in Guam. But despite what you may have heard, this is not the only type of enjoyment offered in this area. There are also a lot of Clubs that are quite healthy, and some of them are just great places to hang out. Most Spots have a fun theme that keeps things interesting, and some Clubs also specialize in different types of music. Whether you like Electronica, Hip-Hop, Disco, Jazz, Hair Metal of the 80s, or practically all genres of popular music, surely there is a Club that plays your favorite music. If You like to dance, there are also a lot of Possibilities. If you are ever in Guam, be sure to check to see if any known acts are currently visiting. You may be surprised who you will meet!

Guam also has some big-city problems

Road crime and road safety are problems in all major cities of the American continent. Although Guam is not a “big city”, it is nevertheless affected by these problems. While you can and should let go when you’re in the field, it’s important to practice common sense when you’re Barhopping. Fortunately, crime is not as big a problem as in large American cities, so caution should be exercised. If you rent a car or are a designated driver, many Bars are happy to offer you free soft drinks when traveling with a group.

Guam is one of the most underrated destinations in America, if not in the world. Hopefully, these tips will help make your Barhopping Guam experience unforgettable for the right reasons.

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